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Our Story

We are a group of urbanites who use sustainable products to reduce our negative impacts on the Earth. We know that it is challenging and time-consuming to research for the sustainable qualities and a reasonable price of a product. Sharing the same struggle, we built the Chill Green platform to unite sustainable products information so everyone can effortlessly find the suitable product for the planet and themselves. Give us feedback on how to make this site better.

Chill Green Standards

Transparent Product Information

Our researchers look into the origin, characteristics, every ingredient and reviews of the sustainable product. No bias, but comprehensive information for you to make a wise choice.

Impact-based knowledge

Confused by a long list of unknown ingredients and substances? Don’t worry, Chill Green explains their health and environmental impacts for you to understand their impacts and potential risks.

Chill Sustainable Badge System

Each sustainable product is labelled with our Sustainable Badge(s) to explain why it is sustainable.

Credibility Proof

As more sustainable products are in the market, quality reassurance has become unprecedentedly important. We are not here to recommend buying fake or “green wash” products. Chill Green recommends hero products credited by international standards. We deeply researched these hero products to ascertain their sustainability values.

Social Responsibility

Chill Green actively fulfills our social responsibility.

Plant trees every time you search

Chill Green plants trees for each of your product search. Every time you search on Chill Green, we donate to One Tree Planted to reforest trees in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific.

Minimal packaging
We commit to minimize packaging of the product and shipping. We use only necessary and recyclable packaging for products to minimize waste.

No Impulse Buying

We enable you to compare price and purchase what is necessary with transparent information on what’s reasonable for your health and environment.

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