Blue Sky Story

Blue Sky Energy Technology’s vision is to make blue sky a common view as everyone looks up. We motivate people to take immediate actions for the local and global climate by actively engaging corporations and organizations to save energy and other carbon emitting activities. 

We have developed IoT, software and data technologies to provide visible, reliable and traceable carbon emissions from electricity, waste, water and other resources consumption. 

We learnt that setting goals offer visible and attainable results. Even if it is incremental, visibility motivates people to aspire to and achieve the goals with a concrete timeline. We believe the mindset to be our best and strive for excellence must be applied to achieve net zero carbon. The solutions also emphasise focusing on the demonstrable local benefits of taking certain actions, which turn abstract climate mitigation targets into practical reality.

Doing Things Differently – Watt Coins

Green In, Green Out – Blue Sky believes that the clients impact matters and should be recognised. Watt Coins are rewarded based on the carbon emissions saved of Blue Sky measurable green actions. Blue Sky users live green to earn “Watt Coins” by saving energy, and the rewards, they are redeeming are green as well so that their carbon saving efforts will not be counterweighted by unsustainable consumption.

"Going Green Doesn’t Have To Be Hard or Expensive "

Blue Sky believes that sustainable living cannot afford to be just a buzzword. At the same time, we understand that we often don’t take actions because they are more expensive and less convenient. The good news is- even the smallest act can make a considerable difference and get a reward!

We empower our users in the Blue Sky Community to keep growing through: 

  • RWARD, reward program
  • Watt coins 
  • Chill Green, green product information and redemption platform

Actions as simple as turning off the aircon or heat when we leave the house/office or opting to purchase environmentally-friendly products help the earth and our community. Sustainable living saves the environment and saves money. Blue Sky’s reward program “RWARD” helps our users to embark on a sustainability journey. Take actions to earn “Watt coins” which can be used to redeem rewards. 


Let’s get started on the carbon-saving journey together!