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Can You Hear The Oceans Cry? Stop wasting NOW


In 2018, severe Typhoon Mangkhut hits Hong Kong’s Heng Fa Chuen. After a thrilling night, the pavement was full of pieces of white, foul-smelling styrofoam and discarded plastic bottles. The ocean took revenge on anyone who had polluted it.  Every year, at least 11 million tonnes of plastic enter the world’s oceans, equivalent to the contents of one garbage truck being dumped into the sea every minute, posing significant hazards to marine ecology and humanity. 


You’ve made your bed, now lie in it

Plastic pollution is estimated to account for 80% of marine contamination. Every year, around 10 million metric tons of plastic debris enter the oceans. This plastic debris affects all kinds of ocean life, from sea turtles to ocean birds to sharks to fish and everything in between. Animals get trapped or tangled in wasted nets or bottles, choke on plastic trash, and fill their stomachs with plastic that they mistake for food.  While you enjoy the small convenience of drinking our beverage via a single-use plastic straw, did you realize the plastic straw can also have a terrible impact on our endangered sea turtles? 

The worst thing is that the plastic in the ocean would degrade into tiny bits known as microplastics, which absorb a variety of pollutants floating in the ocean, including pesticides and hazardous chemicals. These chemical-laden particles are consumed by fish and shellfish and then transferred on to people who eat seafood. Microplastics harm marine and human health. 


Stop wasting NOW

Not just for the sake of protecting animals, but also for your health. Stop wasting now and start establishing a green lifestyle. Stop drinking beverages with single-use plastic straws only to enjoy the slight convenience they provide. Go get your own reusable straw.


The Reusable Products We Love

If you’re looking for a plastic straw to use every day, our quality partner – Lexngo Resealable Straw, for its range of items and affordable price is one of our favourites. Let me tell you why everyone should have one Lexngo Reusable straw.

100% silicone

Reusable straws are made entirely from silicone that is safe to use without any possible chemical leaching. Silicone is resistant to heat and cold temperatures making it ideal for hot or cold beverages.  



BPA is a chemical that has been utilized in the production of some polymers and resins since the 1950s. BPA exposure is a cause for concern due to the potential health impacts on the brain and prostate glands of fetuses, babies, and children. The reusable straw of Lexngo is BPA-Free, you don’t need to worry about health problems while using it. 


 Easy cleaning

You can split the Reusable straw to clean the food particles stick on it and it zip in a second. So you don’t need to be concerned about the hygiene problem. 

Unique and innivative design

There are a wide variety of choices in Lexngo that could satisfy your want, pick your favourite one!

Remember, more than one marine life is saved by using one more reusable item.


Note: Lexngo won the  Best Sustainability Brand Award 2023