Earn and redeem RWARD Points

1. How can I earn RWARD Points?

There are multiple ways to earn RWARD Points, through individual/personal and institutional activities:

Individual/personal activities:

  • Birthday points: Members can earn 10 RWARD Points on their birthday.
  • ChillGreen shopping points: You can earn points by purchasing products on the ChillGreen platform. For every HKD 50 spent, you can earn 1 RWARD Points.

Institutional activities:

If the organization is a customer of Blue Sky Engagement, all employees will automatically become ChillGreen members and can earn points from various activities:

  • Surveys

When the organization participates in Blue Sky Engagement, each employee will be surveyed before the engagement activity. By answering the survey, employees can earn 50 points. The purpose of this survey is to analyze the differences and changes in employees’ awareness of sustainability before and after the engagement activity. Depending on the different needs of each organization, Blue Sky may conduct other surveys to collect employees’ opinions. Each survey will be assigned a range of points, and participants can earn between 30 and 100 points from the survey.

  • Trivia Questions

According to the different needs of each organization, Blue Sky will provide trivia questions for employees (daily/weekly/monthly frequency). Employees can earn 10 points by answering the question correctly.

  • Short videos

Blue Sky will provide energy-saving short videos for organizations. Employees can earn 5 points by watching a short video.

  • Articles

Blue Sky will provide articles or industry information related to sustainable development for organizations. Employees can earn 5 points by reading an article.

  • ChillGreen Friday

Blue Sky holds ChillGreen Friday every two months. Employees earn 80 points by participating.

  • ChillGreen Challenge

According to the needs of each organization, different group activities will be provided for the organization’s employees. Employees can earn 100 points for each participation.

  • Others

According to the different needs of each organization, Blue Sky will provide different activities and services for the organization. As long as the employees of the company participate, they can earn different points.

The RWARD Points are divided into five levels:

  • 0-100 points: Baby
  • 101-300 points: Rookie
  • 301-500 points: Sprout Scout
  • 501-1,000 points: Green Goodness
  • 1,001-1,500 points: Influencer

The points and levels may be adjusted from time to time according to different needs. Blue Sky reserves the final right and ownership of the decision-making and calculation methods for all points.