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Single-use Plastic Will Be Banned By the Fourth Quarter of 2023 In HK


In Hong Kong, the Environment and Ecology Bureau submitted a paper to the Legislative Council on the amended Product Eco-responsibility Ordinance, intending to speed up the legislation on the plastic ban, with the first phase of the scheme to be implemented by the fourth quarter of 2023, and, for the first time, setting a time frame for the second phase to be by 2025.  

What will happen if plastic wares are no longer provided 

In the future, we will need to bring our own cups and straw if we want to get a cup of coffee since they are no longer given. For those coffee lovers, this is unquestionably terrible news. Especially coffee is always in great demand in Hong Kong. According to the estimate, 37% of respondents to a Greenpeace survey of more than 1,000 locals conducted reported buying takeout coffee on average three times a week. The environmental group estimated that 400 million plastic and paper cups were disposed of in landfills annually in Hong Kong, based on Hong Kong’s population of 7.76 million. The survey reflected that the majority of us still don’t have the habit of using reusable items. The ban on single-use plastic will dramatically change our lifestyle.  

What Can We Do? Start Use Resealable Products NOW!

What can we do and how can we be prepared if single-use plastic is eventually banned? The only thing we can do is make it a habit to use reusable items daily. However, establishing a green lifestyle in a single day is impossible. We need to do it step by step, so how about we start by using reusable cups? 

Coffee Ground Passion Cup, The Best Reusable Cup of 2023

Double wall insulated travel cup and Leak proof 

An insulated mug will not only save the waste of a paper cup, but it should also keep your beverage hotter for a longer period of time whether you brew your own coffee or tea and want to take it outside the home or stop at a café on the way to work. With its Coffee Ground Passion Cup achieving the top place in our ranking, Lexngo again earns the title of our favourite. Seriously, we were unable to get the flip-top cover to leak.


Made from LFGB and FDA foodgrade material

The coffee Ground Passion Cup is made from LFGB and FDA food grade material. You don’t need to worry about the dangerous substances that have been introduced into the food via the coffee cup and it will affect the taste. 


Outer Sleeve contains 30% Coffee Ground

The 30% coffee ground in the outer sleeve of the Coffee Ground Passion Cup is what makes it so amazing. Isn’t it astonishing that coffee grounds could also be reused? 


There are more reusable products in Lexngo are waiting for you to explore, and Lexngo won the  Best Sustainability Brand Award 2023.