10 Simple Ways to Incorporate Green Living into Your Daily Routine



Interested in cultivating a sustainable lifestyle that aligns with your professional endeavors? Fostering a sustainable development mindset with a focus on SDG #3 Wellness serves as the initial stride. Adopting a more sustainable lifestyle while exploring your potential can invigorate your everyday living. Rest assured, by incorporating these 10 practices into your daily life, you can contribute positively to both yourself and your community.

1.     Reduce, reuse, and recycle like a boss: Say no to single-use items (e.g., plastic bottles, disposable utensils), get creative with repurposing or donating things you don’t need anymore (e.g., old clothes, used furniture), and make sure you’re recycling paper, plastic, and glass (‘’Blue for Waste Paper, Yellow for Aluminium Tins, and Brown for Plastic”).


2.     Time to unleash those energy-efficient skills: Remember to flick off the lights and appliances when you’re not around, and unplug gadgets once they’re juiced up. Use natural light and adjust thermostats to save energy and cut down on bills.


3.     Choose the Right Electrical Appliances: Check for energy labels when shopping for electrical appliances. In Hong Kong, an Energy Efficiency Labeling Scheme is available for prescribed products such as fridges, washers, and TVs. The labels come in 5 grades, and Grade 1 is the rockstar of energy efficiency. Pick energy-efficient appliances to save energy like a pro! 


4.     Embrace Sustainable Products: Delve into the world of sustainable products by seeking out brands that prioritize sustainability. Opt for goods crafted from organic, recycled, or biodegradable materials. Make a habit of carrying your reusable shopping bag to minimize the use of disposable plastic bags.

5.  Dive into Meat-Free Mondays: Starting off with meat-free Mondays is a fantastic way to cut down on your overall meat consumption. The carbon footprint of meat production, particularly beef and lamb, is much higher than other plant-based alternatives. It’s a small but mighty step that helps shrink those carbon emissions.


6.     Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB): In Hong Kong, we use a whopping 400 million paper coffee cups each year[1], but sadly, only a fraction of them get recycled. Let’s sip in style while saving the planet, one cup at a time!


7.     Be Water-Wise: Monitor and minimize water wastage by promptly addressing leaky faucets and opting for water-efficient fixtures. Let’s prioritize the conservation of water resources and become advocates for responsible water usage. 


8.     Go Green with Transportation: Whenever possible, opt for walking or cycling as your mode of transportation! If not, opt for public modes of transport where you can reduce your carbon footprint.


9.     Speed up your shower: Reducing your shower duration by just one minute can conserve approximately 7 to 10 liters of water, alongside the energy expended in heating it. These minor adjustments can contribute significantly to water conservation efforts.


10.     Promote Eco-Friendly Awareness: Share your eco-friendly insights and passion with others. Together, we can inspire others to join the green revolution and make a positive impact. Get ready to ignite some eco-friendly enthusiasm!

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